Thursday, 8 August 2013

I've Been Nominated!

My first ever NOMINATION, all thanks to the lovely blogger Kathleen at Made In The 1990's! I am so grateful to be one of your choices.

The Liebster Award is for new and upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers! 

I feel so privileged to have gotten recognised with having just started my blog just under two weeks ago, it feels amazing.

I think it is a great way to keep networking with other bloggers to encourage them to carry on blogging their inspirations and desires. The blog community is so versatile and is absolutely massive with bloggers from all around the world sharing their personal experiences so it can be hard to just make an impact when writing a blog.

But being nominated for my blog, shows that all the work that I'm putting into my blog is actually being recognised, read, and enjoyed, which encourages myself to carry on.

1) You have to link back to the person that nominated you.
2) You must answer the 11 Liebster questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
3) You have to nominate another 11 bloggers who have under 200 followers
4) You have to come up with 11 other questions for your nominees.
5) You have to go to their blogs and notify them that you've nominated them
6) Some bloggers can also include 11 random facts about themselves but its up to you!

Questions from Kathleen @ Made In The 1990's

What/ Who inspired you to start blogging?
I love reading The Londoner she has amazing blogs including recipes which I have tried and tested which are just delicious. Another inspiration was my friend Eve who writes a blog with her sister (The Sugar Spun Sisters) who just gave me that last push to finally make my own blog.

Apple or Windows?
I love Apple, though I do not own my own mac (yet) just means I have to enjoy it on either my Iphone or Ipad. Apple has the best easy working technology and have a major influence for the next new coming technology. 

Which city would you most love to live in?
The city I'd mostly love to live in is Los Angeles, I have always got that urge to just go abroad to American and live there. Live the American Dream, as they say.

Who's your ultimate icon? Dead or Alive?
Beyonce, she is such a strong independent woman! With her life style kept out of the media, this has kept her life a secret and inspiration to love when she does make an appearance anywhere. I love her relationship with Jay-Z and the hype that they bring anywhere they go, they have such an impact on the world and Beyonce sets an amazing example to young girls who aspire to herself.

Who's your style icon?
My style icon has got to be Lauran Conrad, also known as L.C., previously the star of The Hills an American Reality TV Show. She is a fashion designer that puts together the best trends that you would never of thought of, keeping it simple and adding statement pieces to create the finished look.

How much time generally do you spend on your blog/ interacting with other bloggers per week?
Currently just trying to get into a routine for writing my blog and publishing new posts, but I want to aim to post every day.
I also love networking, with the blog chats that take place every Wednesday/Sunday via Twitter, this is a great way to stay connected with other blogs and discover who actually writes them.
I make sure that I schedule tweets through the week for those chats so that I can stay connected if I were to be busy, but also to remind myself of anything that I need to discuss or gain knowledge from other bloggers.

What platform do you find most effective when it comes to promoting your blog?
I feel that taking part of the bloggers chats really gets you involved with other bloggers that might also be new and this has got my blog the most recognition for followers. You can also connect to a blogger on a one to one basis and build a friendship from this, helping each other with blogs.

What goals are you hoping to achieve through your blog within the next year?
I hope that I am still blogging, I also hope to gain more contacts from the blogging community and my knowledge for blogging to expand

What topics do you enjoy blogging about most?
I love writing about products that really do something for myself, that inspires me the most to write about them, if I love the product I will make sure I rave about it enough to my bloggers.

Do you find, or ever worry, that your non-blogger friends/peers judge you by your blog?
Not really, I love to think that my friends will love my blog and encourage me to carry on blogging or suggest ideas that I could review or experience. I hope to inspire my non-blogging peers for them maybe join with their own blog or be influenced by my choices that are mentioned in my blog and to learn a bit more about myself. I know will definitely involve them in my blogs as well.

How heavily influenced are you by other bloggers?
I am influenced by many different bloggers who have a variety of different styles and you know when they personally love the product or experience which makes the reading enjoyable. Which makes me have to make some cheeky purchases that they have suggested.


My 11 Questions:
What inspired you to get a blog?
How did you come up with your blog name?
What topics do you love writing about?
What is your favourite beauty or fashion product at the moment?
Who is your style icon?
Who is your idol? Dead or alive.
What is your summer must-have?
What is your winter warmer?
Where would you love to live and why?
What networking sites do you use to get recognition?
Who is your favourite blogger that inspires you?

With Love,


  1. Thank you so much for nominating me! I've already done a post on the Liebster awards, but I added your link to it :) You can view it here

    xx Kim

    1. You're welcome :) thank you for linking back to me on your profile, looks brilliant. xx